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Safety Induction Video
Production Services

Hello, Safety First! Let us introduce ourselves as an audio-visual production house and professional video production service for companies based in Bekasi. Our working area extends throughout Indonesia. Safety videos or audio-visual media related to occupational safety and health (K3L) are effective in raising awareness of safety among all your work programs. They also educate your workers on important safety procedures in a work environment.

We provide a safety induction video service that not only offers crucial information on safety, health, and potential workplace accidents, but also strives to engage employees with enthusiasm. A good and safe working environment must communicate to its workers how to prevent and predict accidents.

The safety videos that need to be made are :

  • Employee Safety Induction Video

  • Visitor Safety Induction Video

  • Safety Briefing Video

  • Area-Specific Induction Video

  • Fire Disaster Response Video

  • Earthquake Disaster Response Video
  • Safety Training Video

Pratama Product

Collaboration for Video Production

Making a quality video safety induction can be difficult, especially for someone who lacks experience, as it can take a lot of time.

Although one can learn it independently, it can still be time-consuming. If you require the video urgently, it can be quite frustrating.

Therefore, using video maker services such as Pratama Product can be helpful. Finding such services is not too difficult as they are readily available, but one must be careful. The chosen service provider may not be able to provide the expected results.

Pratama Product is the right team for the job. Their videos will clearly, concisely, and systematically convey the message. The goal of their videos is to prevent accidents at work and save your company from significant losses. Pratama Product provides a video safety induction service.

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Choosing a Professional Team

It’s important to understand that preparation determines the final outcome. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose carefully with whom you collaborate. Of course, you want to work with a professional safety induction video production service.

You begin searching the internet for a safety induction video production service. It turns out there are many teams offering this service online. You’re feeling confused. Which team is suitable for producing a safety induction video?

Let me introduce you to a professional production house that specializes in producing safety induction videos called PRATAMA PRODUCT.

Safety Video Maker

Pratama Product

Best Quality

We provide satisfaction with the best quality

Safety Induction Video
Production Services

PRATAMA PRODUCT is supported by a professional team, up-to-date equipment, cinematic editing, high-class post-production color grading, and the best service. As a result, we produce elegant cinematic and high-quality images.

Pratama Product has produced several safety induction videos for well-known companies in Indonesia in collaboration with an exceptional team. We also have experience in creating safety induction videos for mining companies such as PT Nusa Halmahera Mineral (NHM) in Gosowong - North Maluku, PT Sumbawa Timur Mining, and PT Vale. Our portfolio also includes safety induction videos for many other companies.

15 Years
of experience

Pratama Product

Production Process

Safety Induction Video
Production Services

The initial process of creating a Safety Induction video is pre-production. Our team, Pratama Product, and you, the client will determine the story idea and sketch out some essential scenes into a script format. At this stage, we will develop the concept, schedule, survey the location, choose talent and make other necessary preparations. Pratama Product is ready to assist you from the beginning of the preparations.

After all pre-production preparations are completed, the next step is production. At this stage, the Pratama Product team will shoot videos according to the predetermined concept. We have years of experience in video production. In addition, our team also has the technical skills and passion to create engaging and informative content.

This is the final stage for finishing production into the final result. Our videos are designed to work with a wide variety of video content in almost every format. Pratama products offer a range of video post-production services, including Video Editing, Color Grading, Graphics & Animation, and Professional Voice Over Recording.

After the video is presented and revised according to your request, it then enters the delivery stage. The final product can be submitted by us in files or published on the internet as web content, according to your preference.

Safety Training

Video Safety Training

In addition to completing the Video Safety Induction, we also produce Video Safety Training, which includes 12 videos :

1. The Proper Use of PPE video
2. Working Fitness or Fatigue Management video
3. Ergonomics Video
4. JSEA Knowledge and Implementation Video
5. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Video
6. Working in Confined Spaces Video
7. Working at Heights Video
8. Rigging and Slinging Video
9. Incident Investigation Report Video
10. Manual Handling Video
11. Hand Injury Awareness Video
12. Firefighter or Fire Response Video

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Pratama Product

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Safety Induction Video Production Services

Conclusion and Cooperation

The safety Induction video that we will produce, not only provides important information regarding safety, health, and potential accidents in the work environment, but safety videos for us must be able to attract the attention and enthusiasm of workers. A safe and good working environment/company must be able to convey to workers how to prevent work accidents and how to anticipate them. Therefore, a media for delivering safety briefings or safety inductions must be easy to remember and have qualified audio-visual aspects. This is so that all elements of the company understand each other regarding aspects of safety, health and security in each division of the company which will later support productivity and a positive atmosphere in the work environment.

Health facilities and environmentally friendly facilities in a company also need to be conveyed to provide understanding to workers and the public about how companies manage factories in a healthy manner and not pollute the surrounding area. Through safety videos that we add with infographics, animations, motion graphics, and diagrams, we can convey the flow of waste management or other important workflows that we want to convey via video in a clearer and easier way to remember.

All video work results or Video Safety portfolio can be seen on the main page of our website.
If you need company video creation services or video creation services with a special theme or other video service needs, you may directly contact our contacts provided below or visit our website at Primary Product

It is an honor if we can help your company’s safety and be able to collaborate with new partners. Think Safe, Work Safe, start getting your Video Safety deals today!

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